About Me!

Hello! My name is Lauren, and I am the author of this blog (obviously).

Currently, I work at a nonprofit and coordinate a state wide project helping teachers implement a healthy relationships curriculum. I focus not on the “warning signs, cycle of abuse, and how to help a friend” that you usually see. What we are interested in is getting to the root of why teen dating violence is a part of our society. We hope to reach students and help them build skills in communication, media literacy, boundary setting, respect, and how to be a courageous bystander. I didn’t know I’d go into prevention work when I first started becoming passionate about advocating against violence against women.  However, this is where I ended up and I find it deeply rewarding. I’m sure you’ll see a lot about my type of work sprinkled throughout this blog.

I went to the University of Delaware for both my Bachelors and Masters Degree. I went to college thinking I’d be working in the criminal justice system, hence I majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Sociology. However, this changed when I joined a group on campus who provided a 24 hour crisis hotline and did educational programming regarding sexual assaults and domestic violence on campus. I discovered that this is a topic I’m hugely passionate about. During my undergrad career, I also joined Residence Life as a Resident Assistant. Both of these activities have helped me develop professionally and personally. In grad school, I received my Masters of Public Administration thinking I’d want to do nonprofit work (hey, look where I am now!). I learned through my assistantship as a Hall Director (hey, free apartment and tuition was only a bonus to the amount of fun and learning I had) that I also loved working with college students, and helping them grow into leaders and global citizens (student affairs words may be prevalent throughout this blog as well…you’ve been warned). I hope to one day return back to a college campus to do that.

So you see, I tend to think I want to do one thing, but throughout the experience, I learn something different about myself and what I hope to do.

Right now, there are a lot of things going on besides my job. I have moved out on my own (scary, but fun), live with a roommate, have my first oh-look-this-is-getting-pretty-serious boyfriend, and I am continuing with my weight loss plans-more about that on a different page.


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