Sometimes, you just gotta laugh.

The way my job works, I don’t work directly with anyone in my office (confusing, I know). So I either am at my desk all day and chat with the person across the hall when she walks by, or I go somewhere else for a meeting with the people I do work with. I am so fortunate to be working with the people I am working with. We are a diverse group, and each brings something unique to the table.

Today, was such a meeting where I had to go to another building in the city (yikes…traffic). We are having a training next week for teachers, which I have felt personally unprepared for. We just recently had a conference so a lot of our energy was planning that and this was left to the last minute, which happens.  I came in, telling the 2 that were there how I felt overwhelmed and stressed and unprepared. Throughout the meeting, I could tell my head was elsewhere. There were other reasons other than my stressed feeling but I won’t go into that. We got through the meeting, and got some things covered.  I felt okay about it. One of the women there has a knack for making a joke, a funny comment, or something completely random without fail when its needed. It is awesome, because at this time, this is where she said something that got me laughing-which is what I needed.

I sometimes forget that when I get overwhelmed like I was today, I need to laugh. Laugh helps me forget just for a moment that I have a lot of work to do. It helps me recoup and remember that I need to have fun in my job and not be so serious all of the time. It helps me forge relationships with my coworkers. So, sometimes you just gotta laugh.

What does laughter do for you?

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It’s all about perspective

I started going to the gym 1 year ago this month. When I first joined, I was working 2 part-time food service jobs and felt like I was in a rut and needed to just move. I know I needed to lose weight, but I wasn’t at a place where I felt ready to lose it. I just wanted to be active. However, January came around-and I was finally at a place where I felt emotionally ready and dedicated to start my weight loss. I joined weight watchers, had a personal trainer session to learn about what weight exercises to do, and worked out on a more regular basis.

I had to FORCE myself to go to the gym. I used every motivation strategy in the book. However, today as I was at the gym-I realized I was having fun, and I was excited to be there. I realized somehow, I learned to look forward to go to the gym. The gym is my me time, it is a place where I can put on my headphones, rock out to some good upbeat music, and do something specifically for me and only me. I am alone, in my own thoughts, or not. I can either reflect on something important, focus on a funny memory, think about what I’m going to do in the weekend, or just drown myself in my music and my workout rhythm.

I realized, if you say you hate going to the gym, and that you have to force yourself to go to the gym-then it’s not going to be a pleasant time. However, if you start saying I like going, I have fun, this will be good for me (even if it is a lie at first), eventually, you’ll wake up and realize-wow this is actually fun. It’s all about perspective.

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